1934 - Reverend L. T. Terry organized a church named Peace Baptist Church located at 1735 Adams Street in Gary, Indiana.

1936 - Name was changed to Zion Progressive Baptist Church.

1939 - Zion moved to 1910 Adams Street, which is now the home of Christian Valley Baptist Church.

1945 - Zion moved to 2128 Washington Street and was incorporated the same year.

1946 - Under the leadership of Pastor Terry, the church purchased property located at 2352 Polk Street. Services were conducted under a tent, after which a small block church was erected. December 26, 1946, Pastor Terry was called home to be with the Lord. After 3 months, Reverend Leon W. White was called to the pastorate.

1954 - The basement structure was built around the original block church.

December 1963 - Pastor White resigned

March 1964 - Reverend Robert H. Carter was called as pastor. After serving only one year, Pastor Carter was called home to be with the Lord.

July 26, 1965 - Reverend Doctor Norman Hairston, Sr. was called to be the pastor and officially assumed the pastorate August 22, 1965.

Zion began construction on a new auditorium at 2352 Polk Street along with acquiring additional property at 2356 Polk and 2349 Fillmore street to be used as parking. New office equipment, an organ, hymnals, a pulpit bible, communion trays and offering plates were purchased.

December 1966 - Three weeks prior to entering the new structure it was destroyed by fire.

Zion Progressive was without a home thirteen (13) months. During that time, they held worship in the Roosevelt High School auditorium and the Mizpah Seventh Day Adventist church at 2350 Jefferson Street.

January 1968 - The first worship took place at 1169 Connecticut Street.

1977 - Mortgage was satisfied on 1169, also a church van was obtained and property was purchased across the street for the expansion of the church.

1982 - Pastor Hairston, Sr. started a ministry called "Operation Needy" wherein Zion would feed three (3) days a week at no charge, this ministry fed over 15,000 persons.

1998 - New church van was purchased.

August 2001 - Because of his health Pastor Hairston, Sr. recommended that Pastor Hairston, II would become Co- Pastor and that at the time of his retirement would then become pastor.

July 2002 - Pastor Hairston, Sr. retired.

January 2003 - Norman J. Hairston, II became the Senior Pastor.

2005 - God gave Pastor Hairston, II a vision and the need to expand outreach and that there was to be no perceived denominational barrier for the ministry. The church adopted to drop the word Baptist Church and became what is now known as Zion Progressive Cathedral International, Incorporated.

2007 - We started working on expanding the church and were able to purchase the property at 1300-1331 Massachusetts.

2008 - We developed ZPCI Home Development to acquire homes to either rent or to use for housing those who were less fortunate. In the winter of 2008 we purchased our first house and currently have two properties.

2009 - The ZPCI Generation Next-Youth with Purpose was organized under the leadership of Pastor Hairston, II along with Minister Doctor Linda Johnson. Out of that ministry was birthed "It Takes a Village", a Mentoring and tutoring program.

2010 - City of Zion, Inc. a non-profit, faith- based, Social Services, Community Welfare and Development Corporation was started.

In spite of all the obstacles that have come to take us out, we thank God for the wonder working power of the Holy Ghost that abides in this temple, the church has been spiritually renewed as we have moved from membership to discipleship. We are continuing to educate, emancipate, empower and above all "Changing Lives One Life at a Time" in the Name of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.