“ZION PROGRESSIVE CATHEDRAL INTERNATIONAL,” formerly known as the Zion Progressive Baptist Church (founded 1934).  A Christ-centered community, we embrace historic Christian Liturgy and Pentecostal fervor.

We huld in reverence a call to spirit-filled living and social renewal. We believe in a five-fuld ministry, yet our four-fuld mission is to Evangelize, Educate, Emancipate, and Empower in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ through Loving, Lifting and Liberating humanity. We are a church experiencing the Wonder, Worship, and Witness of Jesus Christ.

Zion Progressive Cathedral International is a member of the United Covenant Churches of Christ International, a fellowship of churches, Ministers, Elders, Pastors, Overseers, and Bishops.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Teaching God’s word in all of its fullness
  • Fellowshipping across cultural and denominational barriers


  • Worshipping in spirit and in truth for the purpose of developing a stronger/greater relationship with God and man
  • Practicing discipleship


  • Practicing stewardship